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The 4 Key Steps for Building Business Revenue

Whether your business is a large industrial firm or a One Person Army (OPA), the principles of growing your business and increasing your revenue are the same. Marketing/Sales 101 When you want to build your business revenue, you need to focus on four steps: Lead Capture/List Building Without a group of prospects that can be […]

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14 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself

I recently read an article on and thought these strategies would be great to share! So here’s a Quick Hit Tip for today – 14 Quick Strategies to Get and Keep Yourself Motivated… Condition your mind. Train yourself to think positive thoughts while avoiding negative thoughts. Condition your body. It takes physical energy to […]

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Using Twitter to Market Your Business

As many of us already know, Social Media is an excellent way to have a conversation with your target audience, make connections, and mange those connections with customers, prospects, other bloggers, etc. Twitter is a great micro-blogging tool to be using to market your business.  Following are a few suggestions for using Twitter for marketing: […]

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Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs

Well-know motivational author Stephen Covey left behind an incredible legacy. Covey was a favorite author of mine and I’d like to share an article about one of his lesser known books, The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness… The 8th Habit is about moving from being effective to being great. The 8th habit is: Find […]

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