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It’s not only how much you make but how much you keep that counts

7 Ways to Drive Customers Away

As a consumer, how do you feel about the level of customer service you receive today?  If you’re like me, you find that getting really good service, today, is so rare that when it happens you’re like “Wow! I need to talk to this person’s supervisor to give kudos” because you’re just so shocked.  Not […]

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Why a Home-Based Business Makes So Much “Cents”

Now, more than ever before, individuals are realizing that having a “job” to create the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families is an illusion.  Companies continue to downsize, rightsize, and have been going under for some time now and it’s only getting worse.  Sadly, even having more than one job doesn’t even produce […]

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10 Free Internet Marketing Tools

As costs rise and marketing budgets shrink, home business owners are always looking for ways to improve productivity without spending an arm and a leg for it.  So, here’s a ‘quick hit’ post of 10 free resources.  There’s sure to be at least one that can help you with your online marketing. Kompozer – A […]

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Work At Home Job Sources

Oftentimes, I will get requests for information from individuals who aren’t really looking for time and financial freedom with a home business but rather just an internet “work at home job” earning a few extra dollars a week working for somebody else.  Something that allows them to work – or quit – nothing more, – […]

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3 Simple Time Management Techniques

Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity, but achieve very little, because they’re not concentrating their effort on the things that matter the most.  Especially when you have a family and/or are working a JOB while you’re trying to build a business so you can finally get out of that Rat Trap, […]

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Free Tools To Help You Grow Your Home Business

Who doesn’t like free? And in tough economic times, free is even better.  Here’s 10 free tools to help you with your business.  1.    Create free flyers online and send, print or post them 2.    This is one of my favorites.  Make sure your headlines are appealing to people with the “Emotional Marketing Value […]

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