Home Business: Where the REAL Long Term Money Comes From

There’s a “work at home” forum that I frequent where there always seems to be an all too common theme that is pretty discerning because it’s one of the BIGGEST mistakes I see people making with a home based business.  The mistake is they VASTLY overlook where the REAL long term money comes from.

This is also why the failure rate in the industry is so high – people want to make money overnight and if they don’t, they quit.  Sorry to disappoint but that’s just not how you create TRUE wealth and freedom – The REAL DEAL takes time.  To be successful, you need to think win-win and long term!  Building a business (any business) takes time and consistent effort over time. It may take some time to find your flow and get the results you so eagerly desire.  Keep re-investing back into your business and yourself on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.  Invest in your advertising, lead generation, education, training, personal development and motivation – and you will see results!

You see, most people get into a home based business and all they think about is: “I want money now!” They think that now – now – NOW is the time when they are suppose to create success… yet they overlook how all the REAL money is made.

Honestly, if you’re doing things right in this industry, then you will be making TONS of friends. You will be forming some of the best friendships of your life, you will LOVE the hordes of new people you’re meeting, you will have an ever increasing network, and in the end game… you’ll be making a lot of money.  That’s what happens when you build a business the RIGHT WAY.

I’ve made friends, formed business partnerships, and networked with people I can honestly say are some of the greatest people I’ve ever been privileged to know. I cherish the FRIENDSHIPS more than the massive success we create by being business partners.  If your focus is just on “money – money – NOW!”, you will miss out on the true rewards that a home based business offers and where the REAL Long Term money come from.

Please share this post with your friends and followers.  I would also love to hear from you about the benefits and rewards you receive from growing your own business that are aside from the financial so please leave a comment below.

To Your Massive Success!


Laura Paulson

Laura is a digital marketer and entrepreneur building assets that spin off passive residual income. She created the Marketing Training Portal with 'Quick Hits' Marketing Tips Blog and Newsletter to help fellow entrepreneurs sort through all the noise and information overload for real-world, actionable tactics and strategies to put into action to accelerate their business growth.

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Marc Korn - 6 years ago Reply

Hi Laura,

Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I couldn’t have said it better. You truly hit the nail on the head.

In order to truly succeed in the Network Marketing Industry or in any business, you MUST treat your business AS a REAL business and not a hobby.

You must always be increasing your sphere of influence and your network of friends and add value to those that you are connected to.

You must take ACTION on a CONSISTENT basis DAILY and find a team of like minded individuals that you can mastermind with to leverage your time and accelerate your growth.

Along the way, you WILL definitely meet many new people that WILL become your business partners and friends for LIFE.

Keep growing and building,
Marc Korn ..Do You Know Your E.V.E. Ratio ?

clare@socialmediamarketingguide - 6 years ago Reply

hi Laura,
Great to meet you. You are right about the extended benefits of network marketing. I also believe that if people only focus on the money, they will fail in the long-run. When you listen to leaders, you recognize they are passionate about what they do. Money is an energy flow so focus on it alone and it is bound to flow away from you eventually. I learned that to my detriment when I was younger.

Be blessed,

marquita herald - 6 years ago Reply

Great article – and I so agree with you. It’s been awhile since I left direct sales, but over the years I interviewed hundreds of prospects and always cringed when someone said to me “I just wanna earn a couple extra bucks.” If it had been my business I would have passed on most of those people, but when you work for the company it all comes down to the quotas. Thanks for the smart tips and inspiration!
marquita herald ..B-I-G Idea: We are ALL in Sales!

Peter Fuller MBA - 6 years ago Reply

Hello Laura

I agree 100%.

For some reason people think they can make millions overnight and when realty sinks in they complain it was a scam.

I look for people who have a realistic time frame to build their business.

Peter Fuller MBA ..How to Attract your Niche to your Blog – Day 5 of 5

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Peter Fuller MBA, Hi Peter. That’s just it, too many are looking for that magic bullet and overnight success and it just ain’t gonna happen. I’m like you, I too look for people who understand that it takes work and are willing to put in the effort necessary.

Willie Robertson - 6 years ago Reply

Hi Laura,

When I first started in IM in 2009 many of the forum’s I visited had questions like, what do I do, where do I started and HOW DO I MAKE MONEY?

I guess maybe that attittude comes from the pitches from the guru’s on overnight riches.

Sad thing, many who come online really do need to make some money real fast, because they are in a desperate situation in their life.

Many get taken advantage of and will likely quit before bearing any fruit from their efforts.

Success in any endeavour is a process. In IM we need to stick with one method until it works and then move on.

There are to many opportunity junkies in IM and NWM.

I know, I was too, I am starting to learn, focus is the key.

Willie Robertson ..Do You Have To Build A List To Build A Business? Pt 1.

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Willie Robertson, Oh yes! It is unfortunate but that’s exactly it – it’s a process and takes time. People need to “pick a horse and ride it with everything they’ve got”

Monte - 6 years ago Reply

I love working for myself, but I find it lonely. I moved across the country last year to follow a dream and I love it but I left my support system behind. I’m having a hard time meeting people since I’m home working all day.
Monte ..Improve Memory And Brain Function With Moderate Exercise

Anita - 6 years ago Reply

This is so true Laura. I have to admit that I was expecting overnight success like many newbies. But can’t blame us, gurus are really good at making crazy promises. Now I know success takes time and hard work.

Have a good day,
Anita ..How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinet

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Anita, Yeah I know, it happens to the best of us 🙂 If there WAS that magic pill where we could be making unlimited amounts of $ on absolute autopilot without having to do anything, we would ALL be doing it now wouldn’t we LOL Thanks for the comment!

Hanni - 6 years ago Reply

Hi Laura,

Sometimes we are excited to reach the success in just a short period of time but I believe in you that success really takes time together with the hard work and faith.
Hanni ..Breakfast is Ready To Serve!

Angela - 6 years ago Reply

Great post Laura! There is so much truth in this post. The people I see failing are in it to get rich quick. They don’t understand that this a marathon not a sprint. It is sad because you can build a solid business online making great money but the people who give up because they are trying to get rich quick are missing out.
Angela ..Build Momentum in Your Business Going into 2012

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Angela, Hi Angela, oh yes I agree. It is sad. If more people were willing to work as hard for themselves as they do for somebody else in a job, just think of the possibilities…

Atria - 6 years ago Reply

Thanks for sharing this post.. I believe in you that success really takes time together with the hard work and faith.
Atria ..5 Steps to Better Debt Handling that May Help Some Arizona Residents Avoid Bankruptcy

Rob Wilson - 6 years ago Reply

Hi Laura, I definitely agree that building a business isn’t the same thing as a get rich quick scheme which is what it seems like a lot of people want. Through lots of trial and error I’m learning to balance the connecting and making new business partners and working on other core business activities so that there is something real there. Not all aspects of the business work out long time and I’ve sometimes gone done tangents because of advice from someone that leads to something great and sometimes not. But being open to these experiences and looking at even the things that don’t turn out perfectly as learning experiences instead of wasted time has been a valuable attitude adjustment for me. – Rob
Rob Wilson ..The most direct route – a straight line?

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Rob Wilson, Hey Rob, I agree. It does take trial and error and it’s a learning process and Ever Changing so being open to that is half the battle. Thanks for the comment!

Lynda Cromar - 6 years ago Reply

Thanks Laura you have hit the jack pot on this one! It is sad how many people don’t get this. They are used to getting a paycheck and those are short-term money but it is predictable for sure.

gabby - 6 years ago Reply

Hi Laura! Nice post! Some people are too ambitious that they aiming to reach the top in just a short period of time. But most of them failed because they are lack of knowledge and experience in the business. I hope they can will realize their mistakes.
gabby ..Some Common Diseases That Can Affect Your Young Arowana

Rick Lelchuk - 6 years ago Reply


First of all, I love that picture. He kind of says it all – Success or I’ll beat you to a pulp! Got it!?!

Your article is well written, but the truth is we all DO want it right now! I don’t know about you, but that really sounds pretty good to me. After 10 years studying, attending, following, trying on, generating, calling, attending some more, sharing, purchasing, sharing, listening, sharing more, the results haven’t been there.

What if you could make true wealth “overnight”? Where is it written that it has to happen after years and years of blood, sweat and tears. Maybe the model is wrong. We’ve all heard this mantra for a long, long time and I’m just wondering out loud if it’s a myth whose time it is to be busted?

I’m willing to find out.

Rick Lelchuk ..Career Advice: Don’t Go to Work, Go to Play!

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Rick Lelchuk, I know, isn’t that cute 🙂 Oh yes, you are right Rick. If we could all get it Over Night, heck yeah!!! But there lies the difference. Although we would all love to have it all NOW, with none of the “blood, sweat and tears”, it’s those who are willing to work their butts off to get to where they want to be that will make it a reality. In fact, that’s what does it for me – what a person has done to get to where they are and if it’s just handed to them with no effort on their part? Well, that doesn’t impress me. And again, don’t you think a person appreciates it more when they had to actually work for it?

Rick Lelchuk - 6 years ago Reply

We should all appreciate what we’ve worked hard for. By no means would I expect anyone to hand it to me. (Hey, it’s hard work to buy a lotto ticket. LOL) I couldn’t appreciate it. But, there is no reason why not to work hard and get the results quickly. I think it’s a question of time. I’m ready to have it happen right now as a result of what I have accomplished. And, I’d want that for you too!
Rick Lelchuk ..Fate in a Fortune Cookie

Dr. Robert Doebler - 6 years ago Reply

Every business takes time to be what we want it to be, even if people tell you that there are some magic formulas to success. It still doesn’t happen overnight. It’s an investment, we work on it and we keep working on it until it reaches its potential. Home-based business is one tough business, there are too many obstacles but when we want something really bad, we have to push through to achieve it.

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