Making It Easy to Subscribe to Your Blog with RSS


Just a really, really simple tip about something I discovered this weekend while updating my blog with my new wordpress theme.  It’s such a simple thing, I can’t believe I actually missed it.  Nevertheless, I thought I would share in case anyone else didn’t know about it either.  It’s with my RSS (Really Simple Syndication).  I created my RSS feed with a long time ago but overlooked setting up the option to subscribe via email – duh?! LOL

If you’re not familiar with what RSS is and the benefits, here’s a good overview by Problogger What Is Rss

Anyway, you can set up your Google Feedburner account to allow individuals to subscribe to your blog updates via email in addition to the normal RSS if they want.  All you do is go into your account and choose your feed.  Click on Publicize and to the left you’ll see Email Subscriptions.  Click on that, make any necessary adjustments and enable it.  You’re done!

This is great because you want to make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog so the more options you can give them the better.

I can’t believe I didn’t do this before but hey! It’s done now.  Speaking of which, if you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet, click on the RSS on top right and subscribe using either the RSS or NOW email.  OR, better yet, if you’re in internet marketing or have an online business, subscribe to my newsletter where you also get my 12-Day Internet Marketing Course, free Valuable Bonus Gifts plus tons of tools, tips and resources to help you grow your business.

What’s YOUR preferred method of subscribing?  Leave a comment below.  Thanks.

To Your Success!

P.S.  If you like my new Theme, check out MLMBlogTheme (aff).  This WordPress theme really levels the playing field for us non-techy folks when it comes to simplicity and getting up and running quickly.  If you’re a little more advanced, that’s okay too – it’s really the best of both worlds and I Love It!

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18 Responses to “Making It Easy to Subscribe to Your Blog with RSS”

  1. Teach Jim says:

    Really easy subscription is a courtesy to our friends an those who care about our cause and content. So good to know it is so very simple.

    There are so many technologies and techniques it is sometimes easy to overlook the easy ways to get things done and make it easy for our audience at the same time.

    Thank you for this post. Easy subscription… done! Boy that feels good!
    Teach Jim ..George Fourie, ThatMLMBeat and The Top 50 MLM Blogs Competition

  2. Spot on, Laura. RSS feeds is a great way to get traffic, and as a reader I would love to sign up for these to keep me posted of the latest updates. It saves times and it gives us what we want.

  3. Great tip Laura! You know what, if it makes you feel any better, I did the same thing when I first got started. People were signing up for email updates, but I didn’t have a single sign up for my RSS feed … then I discovered as you did that I’d skipped that step and I’ll be darned if I didn’t have new subscribers come through on the same day. It’s so often the little things, huh?
    marquita herald ..Visualization: Seeing is Believing … Not Necessarily Achieving

  4. Hi Laura, thanks for explaining the RSS feed to simply and telling us how well it works. There are so many out there that either have forgotten about it or are not familiar with it. Great Post, keep them coming,
    Donna Merrill ..Eliminate Email Overload In 10 Mins Or Less Per Day

  5. I know that RSS is more well known and understood; however, there are thousands of people who still prefer e-mail updates (including me).
    Rachel Lavern ..The Window of Opportunity Sprint

    LauraPaulson Reply:

    @Rachel Lavern, Hi Rachel. You know, I think I do too although I do use the rss as well. It’s nice to have options. Have a good one and thanks for the comment!

  6. Anna says:

    I am very keen on RSS option. IT helps you easily orientate and to be in touch with the newest…
    Anna crown cost

  7. Theuns says:

    Hi Laura

    Thx for this good tip I am going to
    do it , it ia importand to make it a eazy as you can for your Blog readers to know what you are doing on your blog.

    Theuns ..The Law of Giving — Giving with Gratitude

    LauraPaulson Reply:

    @Theuns, Agree :) Thanks Theuns

  8. Steve Vernon says:

    Thanks Laura – You just reminded me that I had not set up that little item on my new blog yet. Now that I’m trying to do it and follow all the instructions that Google provided, it’s still not working (in case anyone tries to subscribe to my RSS feeds right now), but I’ll get it figured out, hopefully soon!

  9. Nile says:

    I wrote on RSS a couple years ago. The great thing with RSS is the ability to integrate it into your newsletters. I am going through a huge site revamp and some things have been missing like an RSS subscribe form. I’ve put an icon up, and have it integrated into my newsletter, but I guess I will see how it goes when my revamp is done. :)
    Nile ..Blogging Ain’t Perfect: Your Blog Voice

  10. Hi Laura,

    I didn’t know about this RSS option. I am happy that you explained it as I will try to add it to my blog. Thanks!
    Edyta @ Stress Relief Activities ..Does Panic Away Work? An Honest and Unbiased Panic Away Review

  11. Lynda Cromar says:

    being able to subscribe easily is definitely important, I didn’t know about the e-mail option either but I will definitely investigate that! Thanks Laura, great post.
    Lynda Cromar ..Daily Routine To Generate Endless Prospects Through Facebook For Your Online Network Marketing

  12. Julie says:

    Thanks for this useful article, I haven’t heard about the importance of rss before, but I think I’m going to focus on it from now on. Thanks for the helpful information!
    Julie implants

  13. Julie says:

    RSS is quite important to your blog, it took me a while to understand this, as it was not among the first things I wanted to do after I started my blog. Great info!
    Julie ..veneers cost

  14. Jeffrey Sooey says:

    Thanks Laura! Now that you have mentioned it, will try it out. I have been hearing about RSS but have not really gotten to what it can do. With what I have learned from your post, this will surely help me with my blogs.

  15. Michael says:

    Great post. Very helpful and love your blog!
    Michael ..Leadership…You Have To Make The First Step

  16. Karola says:

    I’ve always wondered how the rss feed works (ok, call me stupid, I’m not a geek, okay?), and I’m just a newbie to the blogger scene, so your tips are very useful for me. Thanks for sharing the helpful information.
    Karola ..Das Olympienviertel in München

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