Network Marketing Recruiting Basics

In Network Marketing, the most important skill-set you need to develop and master is prospecting and recruiting.  This is the signal most important activity you can be doing and if you’re not, you’re really not in business.

Yes, learning how to market, generate leads, etc. etc. is important but no matter how you choose to build your business, network marketing is all about communicating with people and sorting through the “tire-kickers” to find the leaders who are serious about making a positive change in their lives and willing to put in the effort necessary to reach their goals.

Face it, some people are meant to work for somebody else for the rest of their lives.  They just don’t have the “wiring” to work for themselves and don’t have that entrepreneurial mindset.  And not that’s there anything wrong with that but that’s just how it is.  Wanting more out of life is only one piece of the puzzle.  You have to not only want it but your want (Your WHY) has to be bigger than your excuses because if it’s not, you will not make it.

Too often when people start out in this industry, they are so desperate to get sign-ups and enrollments that they lose focus of the big picture which is building a network of leaders working toward a common goal and that’s a better life for themselves and their families.  So, be focused on the long term instead of just filling your organization with “warm bodies”.  You don’t build a successful network marketing business (or any business for that matter) by trying to “sell” or “convince” people to join you.

In order to start building your empire, stop pitching your business opportunity and trying to “sell” or “convince” and start learning how to sort through the curious to find the serious by interviewing and qualifying them for your business.  Don’t be a “salesperson” instead be a “talent scout”.  You’re the CEO of your own organization, act like it and don’t “settle” – find the talent with a burning desire to make things happen.  After all, we are in the “sorting” business, not the “convincing” business.  If you have to convince someone to join you, more than likely you’ll be needing to convince them to actually work their business which in turn will only waste your time and energy as well as theirs.  Don’t you think your time would be better spent on finding leaders?

Let me know what you think.. I would love any feedback, questions or comments… please share below. In addition if you felt this was informative and helpful to you, please pass it along.  It is truly appreciated! Thank you!

To Your Success!

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Laura Paulson

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Dr. Robert Doebler - 6 years ago Reply

Well, I think the best skill that we will need when it comes to marketing is communication. The one that can communicate and generate relationships out of thin air, is mostly the one that can generate leads and sales as well. Having our comments section, social media accounts, is helpful because they are the ones because used for communication most of the time.

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