Quick Hit Tip – How to Download YouTube Thumbnails

Here’s a ‘Quick Hit’ Video Marketing Tip…

When uploading videos onto your YouTube Channel, you have the option to select a custom Thumbnail for your video.  The Thumbnail is what you see when the video isn’t playing.

You might already have a picture that you want to use for your thumbnail and you would simply select that option and upload your image.

However, there may be times where you want to use a Thumbnail from another video.  To get the thumbnail from another video, you simply visit the YouTube video you want the thumbnail from and…

press Ctrl + U,
press Ctrl + F,
type “og:image.”
Copy the URL for that image and paste into your browser
Right Click and Save to your computer.

Now when you upload your new video, select Custom Thumbnail and upload the Thumbnail you just saved.  That is it!

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Make it a Great Day!

– Laura

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