The Number One Unmistakable Trait of 6 and 7-Figure Earners

If you talk with most successful top income earners in the direct sales and network marketing industry, while they all share many common traits and characteristics, there is one that is unmistakable among them all…

They are students of Personal Development.

Self-improvement is the essence of the “Law of Attraction”. We attract who we are and what we project to others. People want to follow leaders.  They want to follow the people that have the success and lifestyle they are striving for. It is simply part of our nature.

There are so many individuals who are trying to reach a high level of success and yet they discount the need to develop themselves. Unfortunately, these are the people that typically never reach success so don’t fall into this trap.

Personal development is your path to prosperity and success.  Everything we do in life is 80% mindset and 20% skill. Learning how to control your mindset and emotional state is one of the most powerful skills you could acquire.

This path to self-improvement falls in-line perfectly with the “Law of Attraction”. We will attract who we are and what we project to others. Success is an inside job! It begins within each one of us.   Leaders challenge and inspire people to achieve their goals and dreams by creating a compelling vision of the future and then unlocking their potential.

Many years ago, attending one of many hundreds of training calls, I heard a top leader in the industry say the following, “Look into the mirror, and you will see both the problem and the solution”. Powerful, right?

Our mindset, bad habits and what we project to others is often what prevents or limits our success. We have to become more to have more. If we want things to get better, we have to get better. If we want things to change, we have to be willing to change.  If we want more out of life, we have to become more.

By working on and developing ourselves, we will become more attractive to others. We need to develop our skill sets. As we become more confident, as we become better presenters, as we become better listeners, as we become better communicators, as we develop ourselves into better leaders – people will naturally want to follow us.

As we work on our personal development, something magical happens. (Actually, it’s not magic, but it feels that way.) Prospecting and connecting with people becomes easier and eventually effortless. Our recruiting numbers start increasing. People start coming to you asking what you are doing and how they can do it to, instead of the reverse.

Getting into Action

  • Commit a certain amount of time and energy every day, every week, on our own personal growth and development. Some examples would include attending training calls by top leaders, attending certain seminars and meetings, working with a personal mentor or coach, reading the appropriate books, listening to CD’s from top industry leaders and trainers and the list goes on. You get the idea. Become a student of self-improvement!
  • Speak to your up line, coach or mentor and find out what they are doing to improve themselves and mirror their actions.
  • Make a commitment to focus on your own personal development 20 minutes each day. Imagine the improvement you will see in yourself in 6 months or a year? Your team and prospects will see it too!

In an effort to help you along your path in Personal Development, here are some free e-books on wealth creation and developing a successful mindset.

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Laura Paulson

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