Top 10 Network Marketing Newbie Mistakes – Part 4

I’m nearing the end of my series on the Top 10 Network Marketing Newbie Mistakes so without further delay below is my #4 and #3.  If you missed parts 1-3, here’s the links so you may wish to read those first.

My newbie mistake number 4 and number 3…

4 – Not Being Prepared for Negative Outside Influence and the “Dream Stealers”

Awwww, our “warm market”  Our friends and family that we are, too often, told to target when we first start our new business.  And what do I have to say about that?  This may ruffle some feathers….

A big mistake and one of the fastest ways to create self-doubt in your newbies is to start them talking to their family and friends about the business opportunity aspect of their new business before they are fully trained on how to explain it.  Their friends and family oftentimes come back saying negative things or asking difficult questions that a new person is not prepared to answer.

Our “warm market” can actually be our worse enemy especially in the beginning so, while there are exceptions to this, for the most part I highly recommend that newbies DON’T talk to people they know.  If John Smith that you’ve never met has negative things to say, that’s one thing but when it comes from someone close to you…  It’s just a hard pill to swallow and can kill the most enthusiast.

Without a doubt, you will come across people, oftentimes these are friends and loved ones with the best intentions, who are negative about what you’re doing and try to “steal your dreams”.   While you can’t control what other people say or do, what you can control is YOUR response to it.  No one can steal YOUR dreams unless YOU let them.   So, just be prepared for this and keep asking yourself “Who am I going to listen to?  The person who is working a dead-end job living paycheck to paycheck or the person already living the lifestyle I’m striving to obtain?

3 – Trying to Force It and Being Too Attached to the Decision

This one is HUGE and I believe a major struggle for many.  One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when prospecting and recruiting is they are overly attached to the outcome and trying to “force it”.

So, it’s important to just focus on the activities and stay detached from the outcome of whether or not someone joins you or buys something from you.  Of course have your goals in place and develop a strong posture but you need to trust that everything will come together as long as you just stay focused on the activities.

By focusing on the income producing activities, consistently, over time you will find success.  It’s just a given – you need to sort through A LOT of individuals who are just curious and not serious in order to find your leaders.

Okay, well that’s my number 3 and 4.  What are your thoughts?  Have you struggled with any of these when you started your business?  I would love to hear your feedback so please leave a message below.  Before you go though, please share this post with your facebook friends and twitter followers.  It will be much appreciated.  Thanks.

To Your Success!

Laura Paulson

Laura is a digital marketer and entrepreneur building assets that spin off passive residual income. She created the Marketing Training Portal with 'Quick Hits' Marketing Tips Blog and Newsletter to help fellow entrepreneurs sort through all the noise and information overload for real-world, actionable tactics and strategies to put into action to accelerate their business growth.

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Beth Hewitt - 7 years ago Reply

Hey Laura,

I haven’t read your first part of this series so I will go check it out right after this. You have set out some really important areas that probably knock newbies of their track just because they weren’t expecting it.

I hate Dream Stealers so much that I can now spot them a mile off and walk the other way, not only do they steal dreams, but they also create negative energy, waste valuable time and steal our Joy…GRRR lol.

If you are a newbie and your sponsor is telling you to go search out your warm market..seriously double check and triple check that they are credible. I would never ask my downline to make a list of there warm market unless their warm market was already in business, a self made millionaire or always looking to diversify there income.

Again your second point is awesome…people need to not get attached to the outcome, sought the eager from the uneager, ask the questions, get your answer then sign up or move on….

Your post really needs to be shared,
Beth 🙂
Beth Hewitt ..Halloween and Successful Internet Marketing

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Beth Hewitt, Hi Beth. I wholeheartedly agree. There is a time and place and when you first start out is definitely not the time. Of course there are always exceptions but as a general rule….

And I love what you said about -collect the decision and move on. That’s exactly it. Thanks for the comment.

Kathy Jodrey - 7 years ago Reply


This is so dead on. I struggled for several years in network marketing, listening to team leaders tell me to make lists of my family and friends and to go out and recruit them. Soon I found myself a member of the NFL (no friends left) club, which is why I turned to online and attraction marketing.

I too believe that the warm market and 3 foot rule are 2 of the things that stop most network marketers from being successful. I totally agree, it’s much easier to talk to a stranger than perhaps a family member. A no is so much easier to take when we’re not worried about what that person will think about us, if they’ll start trying to avoid us, etc.

And not being attached to the outcome is key. Some will, some won’t so what? Right???? We need to remember it’s all a numbers game and not be offended when others don’t see what we see.

Thanks for this great post..awesome job!

Kathy Jodrey
Kathy Jodrey ..Facebook Advertising Debate – Is Facebook Marketing Gold Or Hype

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Kathy Jodrey, Right on Kathy! – “Some will, some won’t, so what?!” – I love that 🙂 Thanks, Laura

Mr. Personal Development Michael Berry - 7 years ago Reply

You nailed it Laura. I have a very strong belief that any company that recommends you contact your family and friends first should be not considered as a viable company that you should participate in. Just as you pointed out that is the worst thing a newbe can do. Thanks for making that very clear.
Mr. Personal Development Michael Berry ..Personality Development

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Mr. Personal Development Michael Berry, Thanks Michael 🙂

Lawrence Bergfeld - 7 years ago Reply

You must definitely walk away from the dream stealers. They will drain your energy.

When you are around the naysayers picture your perfect day. My good friend and mentor learned how to do that at age 5. During beatings he visualized his aunt honey praising him on the picture that he drew. His parents asked him if he would cry and he said no.

Furthermore you must visualize your goal like Michael has. He had won a BMW because he had visualized all the details of it. The color of the car, the interior of it and the hood. Then he put it out into the Universe and focuesed on it every day for a few months before the convention. And at the convention he announced “there is my car” and it proves the points that you get what you expect and what you focus on expands.
Lawrence Bergfeld ..Translating Memories From Little League Baseball Into Network Marketing Today And Applying Them

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Lawrence Bergfeld, Hi Lawrence. Oh yes, I totally agree. Thanks for sharing that example. Visualization is SOOO powerful. Have a Great Day!

LeeAnn Townsend - 7 years ago Reply

I personally struggled with these things in the beginning. I guess these things will also weed out what kind of people will make it in this industry also. If we can stay focused on our goal and our “whys” and not let the dream stealers get us down then we will have success. 🙂
LeeAnn Townsend ..The Truth About Trackbacks

LauraPaulson Reply:

@LeeAnn Townsend, Hey LeeAnn, that’s it exactly. We need to put it into perspective and forge ahead. Not everyone is going to “get it” and that’s actually a good thing. Thanks, Laura

Peter Fuller MBA - 7 years ago Reply

Hey Laura

How to deal with your warm market is always tough, unless you know how 🙂

But not being attached to the outcome is really tough for people.

Some people just can handle rejection and they take it too personally.

Great advice on how to overcome it.

Peter Fuller MBA ..What I love about Network Marketing as a Home Business Solution

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Peter Fuller MBA, Hi Peter. That’s just it, learning how and that’s something that is done over time. Thanks for commenting.

Social Media Vanessa - 7 years ago Reply


People’s warm markets can be a killer. I always advise that people talk to their warm market only after they are no longer attached to the outcome. So, if they are new and haven’t signed anyone into their company yet, they’re gonna be more attached than if they have several people directly under them and they are making a monthly residual income.

As for being too attached to the outcome, this will never give you a good posture with your prospect. They need to know that they need you and your expertise more than you “need” them. Don’t chase, don’t convince, just offer. Then don’t be offended if they say “no thank you”. It’s just like offering someone a fresh baked cookie. If they decline the cookie you don’t go running off feeling like you just lost your best friend.

Great post. Keep up the good work.

Live with passion and purpose,
Social Media Vanessa ..Is Managing Your Twitter Account More Like Riding a Donkey or a Bullet Train

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Social Media Vanessa, Very well said Vanessa!! “Don’t chase, don’t convince, just offer” and move on. Thanks, Laura

Laura Morris - 7 years ago Reply

Hi Laura

I think there is a misconception out there that the warm market IS your friends and family. There is an entire other group of people that we all know and do business with every day who know like and trust us, who are not classified as friends and family. Yes, friends are family are the dream stealers, and the last ones to support us! However, there are MANY, MANY people out there that can be successfully moved to a decision to become a customer and simply use your product, OR to a decision to review the idea of owning their life. We like to differentiate the two. I think your 4 part series was great!
This is a whole “ball of wax” we could discuss! LOL…
Laura Morris ..How Can Leading a Movement Help My Business

LauraPaulson Reply:

@Laura Morris, Hi Laura, I do agree with you on that one. Family and friends seems to be the focus when talking about “warm market” but you are absolutely correct. Our “warm market” would include anyone we have built a relationship with and that’s the point is to develop a relationship, build trust before introducing your opportunity when/if the timing is right.

Unfortunately though it’s too often that people are told to make up a list of people they know and start pitching their business. That’s just the wrong way to go about it.

Thanks for the comment!

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