Using Twitter to Market Your Business

As many of us already know, Social Media is an excellent way to have a conversation with your target audience, make connections, and mange those connections with customers, prospects, other bloggers, etc.

Twitter is a great micro-blogging tool to be using to market your business.  Following are a few suggestions for using Twitter for marketing:

Keep in touch with followers/bloggers/media. It is easy to follow someone on Twitter, and often they decide to follow you as well.

Monitor your company, industry or brand on Twitter. By monitoring you’ll be able to tell what’s working and what’s not and make the necessary changes.

Announce Specials, Sales, or Offers. If you often have special offers, you can use Twitter to instantly broadcast these offers.

Live updates on events. Whether you have corporate events, conference calls or trade shows you participate in, you can use Twitter to announce the event, last minute changes, and more. It is an excellent last minute marketing tool.

Promote webinars, blog articles, news etc. It’s really easy to post a link in Twitter.

I hope these suggestions are useful.  Do you currently use Twitter to market your business?  If so, leave a comment below on some of the ways you are using Twitter?

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Laura Paulson

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