Why a Home-Based Business Makes So Much “Cents”

Now, more than ever before, individuals are realizing that having a “job” to create the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families is an illusion.  Companies continue to downsize, rightsize, and have been going under for some time now and it’s only getting worse.  Sadly, even having more than one job doesn’t even produce any major positive impact on most people’s financial situation either.

Why? Because of the tax laws.

There really are two sets of tax laws in this country. One is for employees and one is for home-based business owners.  No wonder more and more people are starting home-based businesses.

With April 15th right around the corner, I want to share this very insightful video by Sandy Botkin, CPR/tax lawyer/former IRS attorney.  In this video, you will learn why having a home-based business is the BEST way the average person can have a MAJOR impact on slashing their taxes legally and honestly and keep more of their hard-earned money – even if operated on a very part-time basis.  This is because by having a home-based business, many of your expenses become deductible.  This concept is known as “redirecting expenses.” With a legitimate home-based business, you can now deduct some of the expenses that you are incurring anyway.

If you have a home-based business already, that’s Awesome.  But make sure you are enjoying the most financial advantage to which you are entitled. The tax advantages, alone, can make a home-based business the single best financial move you ever mad.  AND, if you’re building an organization prospecting future business partners, you should be educating them on these benefits because they need this information even MORE.

It’s so important to make sure you are knowledgeable about the tax laws because the more you know, the more money you will save [keep].  Here’s an excellent resource for gaining the knowledge you need to ensure that you are getting the most from your home business and not paying anymore taxes than you have to <=CLICK HERE=>

I hope you found this video and information useful.  Please share it with your friends and followers – they will thank you for it.  Make it a Great Day!

To Your Success!

– Laura

Laura Paulson

Laura is a digital marketer and entrepreneur building assets that spin off passive residual income. She created the Marketing Training Portal with 'Quick Hits' Marketing Tips Blog and Newsletter to help fellow entrepreneurs sort through all the noise and information overload for real-world, actionable tactics and strategies to put into action to accelerate their business growth.

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